The Sac High We Remember

Aerial from 1969 Yearbook

First Floor Building Plan 1966

(Note that Dragon Park was replaced by the pool facilities during our years.)

Second Floor

Sims/Powell Photos

We are exceedingly fortunate that Sac High English teacher Alan Sims -- aka Ronald McDonald -- saw fit to bring his camera to school in 1967. He captured some beautiful Kodachrome images of Sacramento High School, roughly a year before our class enrolled there.

Included are seldom-seen views, including inside the cafeteria and library, and the city buses that many of us rode to and from campus. Some of our older brothers or sisters may be pictured.

Mr. Sims' friend Betty Jane Powell took the Donkey Basketball and rally photos, which are from February 1970 and February 1971.

A total of 28 photos are found at the two sites below:

Sac High 1967 Photos

Donkey Basketball 1970 1971 Photos