Sac High Today

Sacramento High School was transformed into Sacramento Charter High School in September of 2003. Sacramento Charter High School is part of the St. HOPE Public Schools, a public charter school system that focuses on students from low-income and minority backgrounds, providing them with a high-quality, rigorous college preparatory education.

Extensive information about Sacramento Charter High School, including the school's governance and academic achievements of the school's student body, can be found at the school's website:

Sacramento Charter High School Online

Decades before Sacramento High School became a charter school, the handsome two-story brick building that we knew from our years at the school had to be torn down because it did not to meet state earthquake standards. The demolished building was replaced with a single-story structure with a large central open area.

Although the new building lacks the ambiance and traditional architectural of its predecessor, upon closer examination one can find that a number of elements and themes have been retained.

A replacement two-story clock tower closely resembles the original brick one, although the new tower is at a different location near the center of the school. The original center courtyard fountain and surrounding trees remain where they always were, but because the new building is situated differently, the fountain and trees are now outside the front of the school.

Some of the original tiled drinking fountains were retained and are still in use. In addition, the Hotell Pavilion (boys' gym), the girls' gym annex, and the original cafeteria building are not of brick construction and were not torn down. These buildings still exist, although some are now used for different purposes. (The auditorium, music rooms and swimming pool also still remain but as of now are not used by Sacramento Charter High School.) All of the above facilities were on view during the 40th Reunion Sac High Tour in October 2011. Pictures are available on the Our 40 Year Reunion page in the various Sac High Tour albums.