==== Sacramento High School Class of 1971 =====


Our 45th Year Reunion of the Sacramento High School Class of 1971 --  is now history!

The Reunion Kick-Off Party was Friday evening October 7, 2016.

Dinner Party at the Dante Club was Saturday evening October 8.

Want to get involved and be part of the planning committee for our 50th reunion?  Your input and involvement is welcomed.

E-mail rcape@surewest.net to get on the reunion planning e-mail list. 






Sims/Powell Photos

We are exceedingly fortunate that Sac High English
teacher Mr. Sims -- aka Ronald McDonald -- saw fit to bring his camera to school in 1967.  He captured some beautiful Kodachrome images of Sacramento High School, roughly a year before our class enrolled there. 

Included are seldom-seen views, including inside the cafeteria and library, and the city buses that many of us rode to and from campus.  Some of our older brothers or sisters may be pictured. 

Mr. Sims' friend Betty Jane Powell took the Donkey Basketball and rally photos, which are from February 1970 and February 1971. 

Several sample photos are posted here, with the entire set of photos available at the links below.

[click to enlarge]

After school, March 1967

Cafeteria, June 1967

Library, June 1967

Donkey basketball, Feb. 1970

A total of 28 photos are found at the two sites below:

Sac High 1967 Photos