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January 2021 Class of 1971 Update:  50th Reunion Postponed into 2022

Current uncertainties require that we postpone our 50th reunion into 2022.

The reasons boil down to present unknowns about event scheduling, the fact that our class is in a higher risk group with concerns about large gatherings, and our desire to have a fun reunion where we can enjoy one another’s company and not have to be standoffish.

We are considering whether a spring 2022 reunion might work, instead of waiting until fall 2022.

Based on a survey conducted in early 2020, we know that there is strong interest in holding a 50th reunion, and there is a sense that this should be a “major production”.

We are in need of a team leader, or co-leaders, to take charge of outreach to classmates that are “lost” or don’t typically attend reunions.

Please advise if this role is something that you might be interested in taking on.

We are looking for reaction, ideas and suggestions!  

Send an email to rcape@surewest.net, or contact anyone on the planning committee.

Want to get involved and be part of the planning committee for our 50th reunion?  Your input and involvement is welcomed.

E-mail rcape@surewest.net to get on the reunion planning e-mail list. 






Sims/Powell Photos

We are exceedingly fortunate that Sac High English
teacher Mr. Sims -- aka Ronald McDonald -- saw fit to bring his camera to school in 1967.  He captured some beautiful Kodachrome images of Sacramento High School, roughly a year before our class enrolled there. 

Included are seldom-seen views, including inside the cafeteria and library, and the city buses that many of us rode to and from campus.  Some of our older brothers or sisters may be pictured. 

Mr. Sims' friend Betty Jane Powell took the Donkey Basketball and rally photos, which are from February 1970 and February 1971. 

Several sample photos are posted here, with the entire set of photos available at the links below.

[click to enlarge]

After school, March 1967

Cafeteria, June 1967

Library, June 1967

Donkey basketball, Feb. 1970

A total of 28 photos are found at the two sites below:

Sac High 1967 Photos